All Creatures Veterinary Care

Basalt, CO 81621


All Creatures Veterinary Care

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Canine and Feline Care

-- General Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry with an emphasis on nutrition and preventative care for all life stages and lifestyles

-- Affiliated with Valley Emergency Pet Care to offer 24 hour care

-- Rotating Veterinary Specialists offer referral options when advanced care is needed

Avian and Exotic Care


Beginning an avian exam

-- Pre- and post-purchase health and wellness examinations

-- Comprehensive medical and surgical care for birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, amphibians and marsupials

-- Nutritional and Husbandry counseling 

-- Preventative Health Care

-- Grooming tailored to the specific needs of exotic animals



Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Niko gets regular acupuncture and laser therapy


-- Acupuncture

-- Food-based Medicine

-- Chinese Herbal Medication



Laser Therapy